Game Changing Native Integration with VendSys VMS.

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ZippyAssist supports plug-and-play native integration with Nayax VendSys VMS right out of the box. So getting started with Zippy is even easier, and will slot right into your existing VendSys workflows.

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Integration with VendSys VMS from Nayax.

Benefits of Native Integration.

Setting up Zippy to work with VendSys takes just a few minutes—then you're ready to access all the benefits of this powerful combination.

Super Simple Setup

Configuring your VendSys integration in Zippy couldn't be simpler—just add your credentials, activate the integration features you want, and you're good-to-go.

Easy Equipment Sync

With this integration, you can easily import all your equipment data, and keep it up to date. Any new equipment in VendSys will be automatically added to Zippy, and any changes in VendSys—equipment relocation, for example—will automatically flow through.

Automated Service Requests

ZippyAssist automatically creates new service requests right inside VendSys! No manual double-handling of data—all the customer and equipment data will be included, ready for assigning in VendSys to the next available service tech.

The Positive Impact of Native Integration.

Streamlining Processes.

ZippyAssist, by natively integrating with VendSys VMS, is helping transform the unattended retail sector. By smoothing out and automating communication between systems, ZippyAssist improves efficiency and customer satisfaction while allowing staff to focus on more valuable tasks.

Automate Your Growth.

VendSys and ZippyAssist can now share information directly with each other, without manual processes or other systems being involved. That makes it easier to get the right information from customers when they need help, and to share the information directly into VendSys’ service request feature.

Read about a real-world example of this in our blog: Streamlining Processes in Unattended Retail: ZippyAssist's VendSys Integration.

Case Study: Blue Sky Supply

Blue Sky Supply, an Oklahoma-based vending service, adapts to evolving unattended retail by integrating ZippyAssist. Their GM, Matt Bingham, shares how this fuels growth and improves customer relations.

Find out more: A Growth Mindset: Blue Sky Supply Sets Big Goals With ZippyAssist.

Other Great Features.

ZippyAssist has more features than you can shake a stick at. All designed to help provide the best help and support platform for unattended retail and self‑service environments.

Your Brand

With ZippyAssist, your brand is always front and center. The ZippyAssist web app that customers use always takes on your branding—your name, logo and colors.

Equipment Management

You can add, update, and delete equipment data directly in ZippyAssist—if you don't have a VMS, this can be a tool you can use to help manage the location of your equipment. You can also see what specific equipment is getting the most customer help requests.

Native VMS Integrations

Zippy provides plug‑and‑play support for VendSys™ VMS System and Cantaloupe Seed™ VMS. Instantly import all your equipment into Zippy, with support for syncing changes. Push help requests into your VMS as new service requests (available in VendSys – Seed support coming soon).

Lightweight CRM

ZippyAssist keeps a full history of your customers who have used ZippyAssist to contact you, and makes it easy to find them. This is great if you need to check or look-up the history of a customer.

Integrations via Webhook

Use ZippyAssist webhooks to push your Zippy data into your own systems in real-time. Combine it with the power of an integration layer like Zapier™ or Make™ to integrate into hundreds of applications.

Multilanguage Support

To support our Spanish and French speaking users, ZippyAssist's customer web app supports Spanish and French.

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