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ZippyAssist is the Customer Care Platform specially built for today's unattended and self‑service environments.

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When you use Zippy to support your customers, you're joining a group that includes the very best in the industry.

American Food and Vending
Mark Vend
One Source Refreshments
First Class Vending
Blue Sky Supply
CRH Catering
Canteen Canada
Sheehan Brothers
Vend Alaska
PVS Refreshments
Monumental Markets
Trolley House
Maumee Valley Group
Vend Force
Breakroom Choices
Healthier Horizons

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Great benefits to help you grow your business the smart way.

Zippy helps you sell more product, retain more business, and win new accounts by helping you take care of your most important revenue generator — your customers. While at the same time saving time and costs.

Boost customer sales

Your customers will spend money with you—and more frequently—if quick and easy access to help is available. By as much as 38%!

Creating trust is challenging in unattended retail and self-service. But ZippyAssist is often the type of assurance your customers are looking for.

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Save on account retention

If your retention strategy is focused on swapping out equipment with equipment that costs even more, there's a better way because unresolved customer service issues is the leading reason providers lose accounts—not out-dated equipment. With ZippyAssist, customers can let you know of any problems before they can mushroom into big ones, saving you from retiring equipment before it's time.

Win new accounts

At its heart ZippyAssist is a tool specially designed to improve the customer experience. It’s exactly that type of attitude that wins new accounts! Over and over again we hear from customers how ZippyAssist helped them win new accounts. It demonstrates their commitment to customers, and their smart use of technology to close the gap between customer expectation and customer experience.

Great features.

ZippyAssist is a cloud‐based customer engagement platform specifically designed for self-service and unattended retail environments, providing a super‐simple way for customers to seek help should they need it, and for companies to respond quickly and effectively.

Help Requests

With a simple text message to a number dedicated to your company’s ZippyAssist, customers can access the help they need without a time-consuming phone call.

Powerful Feedback

Know about small problems before they become big ones. Customers can provide feedback right in the ZippyAssist app — suggestions or frustrations, and praise.

Simplify Refunds

With our 100% online refund feature you can issue refunds simply and quickly, making it more convenient for customers (and your customer support team).

Track Equipment

You can add, update, and delete equipment data directly in ZippyAssist—if you don't have a VMS, this can be a tool you can use to help manage the location of your equipment. You can also see what specific equipment is getting the most customer help requests.


To support our Spanish and French speaking users, ZippyAssist's customer web app supports Spanish and French.

CRM Built-in

ZippyAssist keeps a full history of your customers who have used ZippyAssist to contact you, and makes it easy to find them. This is great if you need to check or look-up the history of a customer.

More about Zippy's great features.

How Zippy works.

ZippyAssist makes it easy for customers to get help when they need it, and give operators all the information they need to fix a problem quickly.

1. Sticker your equipment

Give customers confidence they can get help when they need it, or give feedback

2. Customer TXTs.

When a customer needs help they initiate a request by sending a simple text.

3. Share info.

Customers use a mobile optimized experience to quickly share details of the help they need, or feedback.

4. Get notified. Triage.

Your team gets notified by email so you can quickly triage anything urgent. Everything is captured in your ZippyAssist dashboard.

5. Review refund requests

If the customer requests a refund, review and approve. Online refunds are processed within minutes.

6. Get a review

Use Zippy's automation workflow to request a customer review after they've received help.

Case Studies.

Great Minds Think Alike.

Don’t just take our word for it. Companies of all sizes are adopting ZippyAssist to better support customers, win more accounts, and help their people do their jobs better.

First Class Vending Still Setting the Pace.

First Class Vending is a leading convenience refreshments company operating in Nevada and Southern California. Michelle Marsh (President, Nevada) shares how ZippyAssist is providing ROI and benefits to both customers and their operations teams.

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Coley Canteen

ZippyAssist is a no-brainer! This is what Shane Swanson told us about ZippyAssist in a recent conversation. Shane is the Sales and Customer Service Manager for Coley Canteen – the Flint Michigan company that's been in business nearly 85 years.

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Two Maumee Valley Group employees prepare fresh sandwiches.

Maumee Valley Group

With a legacy spanning over 75 years, and covering more than 700 locations, Maumee Valley Group continues to adapt to the ever-evolving market and provide excellent value and service to its customers.

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One Source Refreshments

Staying at the forefront of today’s vending technology, One Source’s VP of Operations, Jared Detwiler, shares how ZippyAssist has helped evolve the brand’s customer relations and internal operations.

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Woman shopping from a micro market.

Vend Alaska

Adapting your business to today’s digitally-driven world is crucial. Steven McDonald, Vend Alaska CEO, shares how using ZippyAssist has helped the company progress forward despite ever-changing demand.

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Blue Sky Supply

Blue Sky Supply, an Oklahoma-based vending service, adapts to evolving unattended retail by integrating ZippyAssist. Their GM, Matt Bingham, shares how this fuels growth and improves customer relations.

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Close up image of a person holding a mobile phone.

Healthier Horizons

Great customer service works from the inside-out. Chad Starkey, Owner of Healthier Horizons Vending, shares how ZippyAssist helps encourage employees and promotes positive customer experiences.

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Level-up Your Customer Support.

The best way to earn the trust of customers in unattended retail and self-service environments—and protect your investment in equipment, systems, and stock—is to take care of them when the unexpected happens.

Watch the video to see how ZippyAssist is helping operators solve little problems before they grow into big ones.

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