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ZippyAssist is a cloud‐based customer engagement platform specifically designed for self-service and unattended retail environments, providing a super‐simple way for customers to seek help should they need it, and for companies to respond quickly and effectively.

Quick to deploy

Your branded ZippyAssist can be ready in hours. Just add stickers to your equipment and your good‐to‐go.

Triage quickly

Get the information you need to solve issues quickly without multipe round‐trip communications with customers.

Simple to use

We designed ZippyAssist to be super-simple for customers to use in self-service service environments like micro markets, break rooms and pantry service locations, office coffee service, as well as more traditional vending.

Useful feedback

Know about small problems before they become big ones. Customers can provide feedback right in the ZippyAssist app — suggestions or frustrations, and praise.

Your data, anytime

In additional to real-time email notifications whenever a customer submits an equiry, you have access to an operator dashboard where you can review activity and extract data for reports.

Branded your way

ZippyAssist is designed for ease of use for customers, but that doesn’t mean your brand takes a back seat ­– your logo and colors are featured so your brand remains centre-stage.

For companies of all sizes

ZippyAssist serves customer-focused organizations large or small or somewhere in between. Together we strive to create the best customer experiences we can in micro markets, self-service and unattended retail environments, and refreshment services.

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Level‑up your business …
 and stay there

Boost customer sales

Your customers will spend money with you—and more frequently—if quick and easy access to help is available. ZippyAssist can be that assurance your customers are looking for.

Save on account retention

If your retention strategy is focused on swapping out equipment with equipment that costs even more, there's a better way because unresolved customer service issues is the leading reason providers lose accounts—not out-dated equipment. With ZippyAssist, customers can let you know of any problems before they can mushroom into big ones, saving you from retiring equipment before it's time.

Win new accounts

At its heart ZippyAssist is a tool specially designed to improve the customer experience. It’s exactly that type of attitude that wins new accounts! Over and over again we hear from customers how ZippyAssist helped them win new accounts. It demonstrates their commitment to customers, and their smart use of technology to close the gap between customer expectation and customer experience.

What our customers are saying …

First Class Vending is a leading convenience refreshments company operating in Nevada and Southern California. Michelle Marsh from First Class Vending shares how ZippyAssist is providing ROI and benefits to both customers and their operations teams.

“We pride ourselves on service, so ZippyAssist plays an important part in both communicating that to customers, and connecting them with our team when they need help or support.”
Dave Mandella, VP Sales. American Food and Vending. American Food and Vending logo
“Once we understood how ZippyAssist could save time while exceeding customer expectations, the decision to go ahead was a simple one.”
Mark Stein, CEO. Mark Vend. Mark Vend
“ZippyAssist allows me – as an experienced owner – to have a 30,000 ft view of customer support. I’m able to spot trends, see common issues, and help the team with solutions.”
Matthew Marsh, CEO. First Class Vending. First Class Vending
“If you’re looking for a tool to elevate the customer experience in our industry, ZippyAssist is it. Not to mention the visibility it gives me to issues in the field.”
Steve McDonald, CEO. Vend Alaska. Vend Alaska

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About ZippyAssist

ZippyAssist™ is built and designed by 6L Inc.—a company dedicated to creating products for self-service environments that close the gap between user experience and user expectation. We combine thoughtful user experience design and technology so organizations can better serve their users and customers.

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