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Our Purpose.

We help organizations close the gap between user experience and user expectation in self-service environments. We build simple but powerful service and support products that organizations can use to help built consumer trust and confidence.

Our flagship product—ZippyAssist™—is the result of these efforts so far.

Our People.

Neil Swindale

Neil Swindale

President / Co-founder

A 20+ year veteran of the Vending and Refreshment Services industry with deep knowledge and relationships throughout. Neil held regional sales roles in Pepsi Frito Lay and Nestle Waters before founding Vendcentral—the premier marketing services agency to the industry with annual recurring revenues over $1 million.

Greg Elisara

Greg Elisara

CEO / Co-founder

Greg founded 6L Inc alongside Neil after 7 years in Fintech and successful roles in advertising and eCommerce prior to that. He joined his last company as employee #12 before going on to hold several senior roles in product design, marketing, brand and communications, culminating in a successful IPO on the Australian stock exchange (ASX) in 2020.

Anant Agrawal

Anant Agrawal


Anant spent 14 years as Co-Founder and President of Cantaloupe Systems, a SaaS, IoT, and Digital Payments company focused on the unattended retail and logistics industry. He then sold it to Cantaloupe, Inc (formerly USAT) where he then served for 4 years as EVP Corp Development and CRO for the publicly traded company on Nasdaq. Cantaloupe brought real-time information, data-based decision-making, and digital payment acceptance to a guesswork and cash only based industry, transforming the $50B global unattended retail market as covered by Forbes Magazine, New York Times, and Bloomberg.

Anant is an active member of the Young Presidents Organization—the largest worldwide leadership community of chief executives.

Joshua Baumann

Josh Baumann

VP Engineering

With 3 previous startups under his belt (now 6L Inc being his 4th) Josh brings to the company enormous experience building reliable and scalable systems using teams big and small, from a sole developer commiting the first lines of code to a company going public. Josh’s broad experience covers full stack software development with his most recent roles being in consumer finance.

6L Inc: what's with the name?

By Greg Elisara. Co-founder / CEO.

Although 6L Inc. was founded in September 2021, the company’s origins, like those of the Apple Mac®—and Wham!—go back to the early 80s.

Neil and I both attended the same New Zealand high school in the early 80s, and became friends over a shared love of basketball and surfing.

School was an all boys institution—a multicultural melting pot of over 1,500 students, where an appreciation of math and science for most boys sat a few rungs below rugby matches, rugby practice, and fights. There were other traditional sports—cricket, tennis, bullrush (a kiwi thing: essentially fighting made into a game)—but none of that held much interest for Neil and I. Instead, we were both drawn to a distinctively American sport—and we weren’t alone. While basketball drew mostly confused looks at school, it became the gravitational center for a small group of skinny kids, and a grisly retired national basketball coach who lived nearby. That team would go on to become national champs, and the best team in history (of high school teams, in NZ, in 1983).

Kelson Boys High School Basketball Team 1983

That same year, New Order’s Blue Monday sat at the top of the NZ music charts (sorry, Wham!) and Neil and I started every school day the same way: sat together at the very front of the classroom roasting—and being roasted by—our home room teacher.

Our home room that championship year was called 6L.

Kelston Boys High School 6L 1983 form class photo

Neil and I spent many years thinking about this company before forming it. And when it came time to give it a name we wanted something that reflected our friendship and near 40 year journey. But more than that—it needed to be something about what you could achieve with a great team, vision, commitment, respect, and self-belief that you’ll pull it off.

Also, wham.com wasn’t available.

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